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Decentralised virtual spaces and governance for AR content.

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Welcome to the #Bubbleverse

Our Mission

We envision a world interconnected and seamlessly interwoven with decentralised technologies that democratise control and allow communities to create new and exciting markets.

Augmented reality presents an exciting evolution in human communication and our intent is that this medium should be available to all, with no one entity controlling the access.

We also believe that communications should be governed by communities and a decentralised solution that allows all voices to be heard is imperative to the continued development of humans as a species.

— Bubbled

A Land Registry to identify & verify ownership of virtual spaces around the globe.

A Land Registry to identify & verify ownership of virtual spaces around the globe.

Buy virtual space and decide what content is placed on your land. Insert your own 3D graphics, AR art, or leverage your asset by leasing your land to brands.

The Platform For AR Friendly Decentralised Dapps, Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain

The Platform For AR Friendly Decentralised Dapps, Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain

#BuildonBubbled to create a decentralised augmented reality eco-system we all want. Where users can create, experience and monetize content fairly.

Engage New Audiences in AR Within Bubbled’s Fair and Democratically Governed Eco-System

Engage New Audiences in AR Within Bubbled’s Fair and Democratically Governed Eco-System

Reach your target customers in real world locations within a fair framework. Align your brand with ethical standards and AR advertising best practice by becoming a BFAR member

Why Bubbled?
The emerging AR ecosystem lacks governance and structure

The emerging AR ecosystem lacks governance and structure

As an emergent technology, it needs clear definitions of what virtual spaces are and how they are governed.

Avoiding repeat mistakes suffered by traditional digital advertisement systems

Avoiding repeat mistakes suffered by traditional digital advertisement systems

Preventing fraudulent behavior such as adbots and ensuring your content cannot be tampered with are part of Bubbled's core priorities.

Current solutions are broken or simply non-existent

Current solutions are broken or simply non-existent

Augmented reality and blockchain are disruptive technologies and people need a method to make sure their content reaches the right audiences. Bubbled's structure solves that.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Via Branded, brands and businesses will be able to engage with prospective and existing customers who opt in for location based deals in a native and non-invasive way, deepening customer loyalty and relevance.

Enter Whitelist

cLand gives the ability to create and release AR content to a global community on a decentralized platform of assets resulting in greater levels of remuneration.

Coming Soon!

Use our SDK to enrich your own solutions. Integrate our land registrar, content services or even the advertisement solutions provided by Branded. Focus on the stuff you like and take advantage of what we have already built for you.

Request our SDK

Blocklord is an Ethereum-based game where you can acquire, own and personalise any location on Earth. Build your own personalised blocks with what matters to you, or search for new investment opportunities.

Play Blocklord

  • Bubbled Founded

    June 2017

    Bubbled is conceptualized as a result from the widespread debate: ‘How can we build and implement a system of governance for AR content?’

  • Integration of Blocklord (Gamified Airdrop)

    Q1 2018

    Blocklord is an Ethereum-based game where you can acquire, own and personalise any location on Earth. Build your own personalised blocks with what matters to you, or search for new investment opportunities. Land purchased on Blocklord will result in an airdrop of BBL tokens sent to the players wallet after Bubbled’s crowdsale and give Blocklord players early access to Bubbled’s land registration tool, to pre-register for virtual space ownership.

  • Launch of Land Buying Tool Beta and Land Ownership Dashboard Beta

    Q2 2018

  • Token Generation Events

    Q2 2018

    02. April - Presale start date to raise 2,732 ETH ($1.337m approx.) to reach Soft Cap. May - Token Generation Event to sell remaining tokens worth 28,916 ETH (approx. $12m) to reach Hard Cap. June/July - Distribution of BBL token to TGE participants and Bounty Campaign counts and distribution Q2.

  • Launch of Governance Tools

    Q4 2018

    Management tool to set up rights, roles and permissions for your virtual land.

  • Land Marketplace & Land API

    Q1 2019

    Solution for selling, buying and renting land. Offer third parties to fetch information about land via our API.

  • Launch of cLand (AR Content Management Solution)

    Q3 2019

    Create and release AR content to a global community on a decentralized platform of assets

Token Sale
  • Total Token Supply: 400,000,000 BBL
  • Tokens for Sale: 220,000,000 BBL
  • Soft Cap: $1,133,700
  • Hard Cap: $12,474,000
  • BBL Token Type: ERC20
  • Payment Methods: ETH
Our Team

Andre Voisin

Chief Executive Officer

Andre comes from a senior management background in both the public and private sector and heads up Evertices Ventures, a start-up on-boarder which manages a range of accelerators designed to meet the varying needs of founders within the start-up ecosystem.

Marc Bohm

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate digital native offering over 8 years of experience in building complex products and leading demanding projects. Creative and dynamic tech professional with proven expertise in building bridges between tech and business to provide solutions to customers needs.

Nik Ho

Chief Information Officer

As a digital native Nik has been involved in blockchain since 2011 and gained a profound experience by developing various decentralized infrastructure projects. Besides his passion for decentralized services, he has a track record of 10+ years in Enterprise IT solutions.

Gareth Greenidge

Head of Marketing

With over 13 years of management and marketing experience, Gareth brings a wealth of strategic marketing acumen to the team. Gareth initially built his detailed working knowledge of all offline and online marketing channels during marketing executive and management roles.

Christian Thomae

Head of Business Development and Partnerships

For more than 8 years Christian has supported start-ups and brands such as Deutsche Bahn, Ferrero and Merck in the development of complex software projects as a digital business consultant. Thereof several years as co-founder and managing director of his digital agency as well as in the service of renown agencies.

Sarah Weissman

Communications Director

I simplify, elevate and execute communications and media that enable growth. Curiosity and information are my passions and developing thoughtful ideas that communicate effectively has been my career in editorial and commercial media and communications.

Tobias Weise

Content Management Lead

Tobi has expertise in various of highly complex projects in the fields of content management, content aggregation, and automated distribution. The design and implementation of web projects using state of the art content management systems in combination with agile workflows and interdisciplinary project teams is one of his key strengths.

Grace Houldsworth

Creative Director

Specializing in creative concept, 2D & 3D motion design, art & film directing, green-screen shoots, VFX, compositing, graphic design and illustration, Grace has over ten years experience freelancing internationally as a TV broadcast designer, senior motion graphic artist, and art director.

Shemaliah Goulbourne

Digital Communications

Shemaliah comes from a digital marketing background working across digital comms, creative campaigns and digital strategy.

Timothy Clancy

Lead Solidity Developer

With a B.S. in Computer Science and high proficiency with language-agnostic techniques for multi-threading and parallelism, Tim’s passion for language is systemic; he builds in Java, C, PHP, JavaScript, Verilog, FORTRAN, Verilog – and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Davide Scalzo

Technical Consultant

Product Manager with 8 years of experience in building and maintaining digital products. Striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction through data analysis, prioritisation, and facilitating cross-team communication. Key areas of interest: Hiring Tech, various blockchain verticals (InsurTech, Compliance Tech, Infrastructures, IDTech).

Jeffrey Barrasso

Full-Stack Developer, UX/UI

Trained with a BSME from Boston University, Jeff has a natual feel for the creative design process. Since completing MakeSchool's intensive software program, his hybrid skill set has allowed him to create a wide range of apps over the years, from utility apps, to mobile games, to web apps and the like.

Aladin Zahiruddin

Art Director

Has 19 years of experience in graphic design and manufacture, helping hundreds of start-up companies and entrepreneurs stand out within their industries. Working with an array of business ideas, Aladin has built up a large portfolio from designing fashion collections and illustrating children’s books to product design for outdoor televisions.


Bob Stone

Director, Human Interface Technologies Team at University of Birmingham (UK)

A VR veteran of 30 years, Bob directs the University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technologies Team. He is a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors and an Honorary Cossack! In the 1980s he specialised in Human Factors for defence and teleoperated subsea, nuclear and space systems, including research at the UK’s National Advanced Robotics Research Centre.

Marcello Milteer

Founder, The Bitcoin Podcast network

Marcello has 12+ years of experience having served in a broad range of roles integrating campaigns for global brands such as IBM, Dell, PayPal and various crypto start ups. Featured in Huffington Post, Crunchbase, and RT Media for his work in crypto.

Anthony Rose

Founder & CEO, SeedLegals

Insight-driven automated legals for startups. Founder Beamly, 6Tribes, QJAM. Investor in Papped. Director Vizrt. The man behind the BBC iPlayer.

Tien Ho

International Investor Relations

Tien is an experienced hedge fund portfolio manager with over 16 years of expertise in financial markets as an investor and market strategist.

Ben Gamble

CTO, Quincus

Ben has spent the last 7 years developing Augmented reality applications for every sector from healthcare to defence, first as a management consultant, then as an entrepreneur. His first company (raceyourself) was featured heavily in the press as the first augmented reality exercise app before pivoting to an award winning market research company. Subsequently, he built Skyline: the augmented reality component of Viewranger, the top hiking app in the world, featured onstage at WWDC.

Mark Grob

Immersive Technology Advisor

Mark Grob is a seasoned veteran of the broader industry of Visual Simulation and Entertainment. He has a long history in the area of Virtual Reality; in 1998-2001, he started his first startup company which specialized in virtual reality solutions and development for a 360 degree workspace.

Rachel Jim

Community Manager

Growth Hacker and Intrapreneur immersed in the world of Customer Intelligence. An ambassador for innovation and advocate for personal data ownership. Rachel empowers users to utilize their own Digital Identity, specializing in leveraging their value exchange proposition in order to activate digital tokens as assets when engaging with trusted brands.