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Bubbled is a globally persistent augmented reality content cloud, built on the blockchain.

Powered by Ethereum blockchain smart contracts, BigchainDB, IPFS and traditional web technologies; Bubbled provides a decentralised eco-system to experience, create and share content in augmented reality.

Via the decentral tools provided by Bubbled, end users will be able to seamlessly interact with AR content placed in real-world locations from multiple content creators.

Content creators will connect to Bubbled’s decentralised eco-system taking advantage of its geo-located point cloud database to create, place and serve assets into a decentralised AR environment.

Brands and businesses will be able to curate and share AR content and advertise to existing and new audiences via Bubbled’s decentral tool, Branded.

All content creators and commissioners of AR content will be able to operate within Bubbled’s community driven and self-governed decentralised infrastructure.

We envision a world interconnected and seamlessly interwoven with decentralised technologies that democratise control and allow communities to create new and exciting markets.

Augmented reality presents an exciting evolution in human communication and our intent is that this medium should be available to all, with no one entity controlling the access.

We also believe that communications should be governed by communities and a decentralised solution that allows all voices to be heard is imperative to the continued development of humans as a species.

Bubbled is for the end user who wishes to experience a seamless augmented reality experience through one medium. Content creators who wish to create compelling material efficiently and get rewarded for their efforts. Local businesses who wish to communicate with existing and potential customers using location-based marketing in AR. Brands who wish to advertise at scale in AR within a regulated framework.

Augmented reality is a virtual layer on top of real-world locations. Currently, there is no framework which governs where content is placed in AR.

Bubbled allows participants to own these virtual spaces via the Bubbled token, an Ethereum based smart contract.

By registering an immutable ownership of these virtual spaces on the blockchain, a system of governance for matters of legal recourse can be developed to deal with the eventual real-world issues of displays of inappropriate or age-sensitive content, copyright infringement, protection of public spaces, adherence to sharing branded content standards; to name a few use cases. It also gives individuals buying land in the course of business, the ability to rent land blocks to third parties seeking to control what AR content is shared at key locations, creating new lines of revenue to their business.

There is currently no solution that governs the ownership of virtual spaces although there has been discussion around the need to govern AR spaces; an example can be seen in the case of Pokemon Go and the issues it caused for real-world landowners highlighting it’s a problem that is yet to be tackled.

With Apple and Google ramping up their efforts to develop and provide access and augmented reality marketing set to become a trillion-dollar industry; as of today, there are no regulations and eco-system to combat bad actors, support AR creators adequately and provide a global and ubiquitous management system.

Bubbled will provide the platform needed to form a consensus-based decentralised governance and facilitate access and management of AR spaces and content.

It prevents users from accumulating massive amounts of land which could lead to monopolies and even makes gaming the system possible. To prevent this after a certain amount of selected parcels every additional parcel will multiply the price which makes it unaffordable to game the system.


The end-user will use the Bubbled land selection tool to claim land and start the process of sending tokens to the smart contract using a browser add-on. This connects the end-user to the Ethereum network.

The smart contract receives information such as, user ID, claimed blocks of land, wallet address and additional metadata.

After running necessary checks, the smart contract processes the transaction and starts populating the transaction together with the information about land ownership to the network. There, it is written into a block and appended to the chain.

Once land has been registered it can be viewed by the user in their personal area of the land registration tool and in the transaction history of ethereum blockchain.

As an owner of land you decide on the following:

  • Who rents your land and for what price
  • What content is shown on your land
  • Resale price

As a member of the community you have voting rights on key governance and constitutional issues.

Each land block is available for first time purchase at a fixed price of for the real-time £/ETH value of £2.16 (0.00824501ETH)

Land can be purchased via the land selector tool during the pre-sale and the token generation event using the tokens released during these events. We are continuing to seek partnerships with various exchanges to ensure a wider distribution of the BBL token globally, to ensure that land can be purchased in other locations.

As long as there is land available it can be bought for the initial price using the land selection tool. Once a certain threshold of landowners is reached, Bubbled will start the land marketplace feature in Branded for selling and renting.

Land can be sold to others via the Branded dApp.

There is no cap on the amount of land anyone can own out of the several trillion land blocks available. Although, it will require a large amount of funds to acquire a monopoly of land (see question regarding Safeguards).

Yes. See the purpose of the Land Multiplier tool.


  1. Access to point cloud database
  2. End user applications
  3. Foundations

Please refer to the whitepaper to see how content creators will benefit from these primary solutions.

cLand will provide features to tie content to land parcels. You can create content in your usual environments. There will be solutions integrated in Content Management Systems like WordPress or other Content Creation Tools.

There are different types of content which require different solutions. The first cLand release will initially contain features to allow the placement of images and text, with 3D Content and video further along the roadmap.

The cLand Team will help you to integrate the content the way you want. Already interested? Use our contact form to reach out!

Bubbled will provide a content creator wall where artists can offer their works to rent or buy via the cLand dApp. We also expect that third-party solutions will arise in that area. We plan to support such efforts by providing developer support with API’s, SDK’s, tutorials, monetary remuneration and strategic partnerships where appropriate.

Creators decide at which price they are willing to sell or lease their art. We are actively seeking partnerships with other utility token providers to add their token to our ‘Accepted Tokens’ list on the cLand dApp to allow content creators as many options as possible to be remunerated.

Via the Branded dApp, users will be able to control what content they see in AR views. The end user is in complete control of their experience, with the ability to turn off branded content completely in the Bubbleverse. The point of containing the whole solution of sharing branded content in augmented reality confined to a decentralised app is that it transforms branded content from annoying intrusions into useful tools to see points of interest by location and enhance outdoor sharing branded content conversions.

Via the Branded dApp, users will be able to control what content they see in their AR view. The end user is in complete control of their experience.

Additionally, there will be spaces that are excluded from the pool of allowed sharing branded content spaces. Bubbled is highly committed to supporting non-commercial contributions via the Bubbled Foundation, governance features and other tools of choice, i.e. staking tokens such as DNT from

BBL is a utility token with no voting rights, shares or other obligations.

In your ERC20-compatible wallet like myetherwallet or metamask. You can also check in the user data area of the land selector tool, if you have added your wallet address to it.

The token is an in-world currency which serves the purpose of providing an economy. This includes:

  • Registering ownership of land
  • Rent land
  • Paying for in-game services
  • Trading virtual goods
  • Accessing personalised services

1 BBL from the reserve during a Token Reissue Event (TRE) is always set back to the initial Token Generation Event price, a feature which is controlled by the smart contract of the decentral reserve.

1 Land Block = 0.00975096 ETH *Land blocks are fixed to the £/ETH of £2.16 prices may fluctuate

There are several ways to get BBL tokens:

  • Through our token sale. This is an option for early users and everybody who wants to kick start this project. Early users will be able to be the first to use the product and purchase land.
  • At a Trigger Event from the Decentral Reserve (DR). A smart contract governs the DR which monitors the liquidity of the BBL token in the markets. Whenever, for example, land is purchased for the first time the BBL used for purchase is paid to the DR where it is held until a trigger event.
  • Being paid for renting or selling land and commissions to create AR content.

The token economics of the Bubbled platform are key to ensure BBL flows for the primary purchase of buying land. However, because there are trillions of land parcels available worldwide and BBL is intended to facilitate a global economy we realised there was a need for a regulatory system to ensure there is a liquidity in BBL but also the right amount to give it value and incentivise the community to use it. However, the regulator needed to be decentralised, so we devised the ‘Decentral Reserve’ which is a reserve controlled by a smart contract.

When land is purchased for the first time, the BBL used is sent to the wallet of the reserve where it is then held and kept out of circulation. This ensures the buying demand of BBL remains and encourages users to use it to buy land. However, this leads to the problem of inflated BBL prices and it encourages token hoarding, which we discourage and it may entice individuals to sell on exchanges at inflated prices.

So, the smart contract that manages the reserve has a number of features:

  • A percentage of the transaction fee for buying land goes to the reserve and is used to purchase inflated BBL on exchanges and hold it in the reserve
  • When the reserve holds more than half the total supply of BBL (200m + 1) it recognises a ‘Trigger Event’ and announces a Token Reissue Event (TRE)
  • Tokens sold during a TRE are issued in accordance with buy caps and are sold at the initial price set during the original Token Generation Event

These are some of the steps we have taken to ensure BBL remains decentralised and ensures it is used for its original purpose.

Bubbled provides a platform to manage AR spaces and content. It also enables a governance to be developed for use in sharing branded content solutions. Bubbled has its own immersive app to experience AR, accessible when using either the Branded or cLand dApps, however our services can be easily integrated in existing apps with no augmented reality viewer via our SDK. Doing so, connects all users of third party apps onto one ubiquitous platform - the Bubbleverse and opens them to the global audience of an AR metaverse.